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Photo Locker Pro v1.1.0

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Photo Locker Pro 1.1.0 APK Free Download Android App. Hide pictures securely and conveniently in Photo Locker Pro! - The ultimate app for hiding pictures on Android!
Key Features:
> PIN protection - Hidden photos accessable only via secret PIN code

Instructions :
  • Download App
  • Install APK
  • Encryption - hidden photos are not only moved to a secret location but are also encrypted using advanced
  • 128bit AES encryption. This means that even if someone manage to steal your SD card and copy the image files, they will still be unable to view the photos
  • Stealth mode - Hide the app itself! Photo Locker App will
  • disappear from the app drawer as if it never exist on your phone. One can only access the app by dialing the secret PIN code.

Other Features:
  • User friendly operation - Easily hide photos via default gallery or from within Photo Locker itself.
  • Bulk hide - hide hundreds of photos at once
  • Folder level locking - lock individual hidden albums
  • Zoom in and out of hidden photos with multi-touch. Hidden photos maintain their original resolution and are not scaled down as in some other photo hiding apps.
  • Rotate hidden pictures left and right
  • Slideshow - Slideshow viewing mode available with customizable delay setting
  • Removed from recent app list - Photo Locker App will not appear in 'recent apps' list
  • Lock on sleep - If you forgot to exit the Photo Locker, the app will lockout as soon as your phone goes to sleep mode.
  • Tablet optimized - Photo Locker's UI has been designed with tablets in mind as well so as to provide the ultimate viewing pleasure on both Android smart phones and tablets
  • PIN recovery - With the optional PIN recovery feature, you won't lose your precious files even if you forgot your PIN code.
  • Easy Un-hide - Un-hide photos just as easily as hiding them and you can decide where the un-hidden photos go.

What's new in this version :
  • 20 new languages!
  • Localization done for the following languages:
  • Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese
  • To change language, go to Settings->Language and select your desired language.

Required Android O/S : 2.2+

Screenshots :

Download Photo Locker Pro v1.1.0 APK

Download Photo Locker Pro 1.1.0 Free Apk

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